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Alexandra is an passionate voice actor with experience recording in professional studios and their in-home set-up. She has experience in comedic, dramatic, and musical recordings alike, and has been recognized by the Audio Verse Awards for her role as the singing and speaking voice of Woh́́ Ollum in ROGUEMAKER, for which she recieved a nomination for
"Best Performer in a New Production". ROGUEMAKER won 9 awards including "Best Composition for a New Production"
(for a song that Alexandra performed) and "Best New Audio Play Production".

Other credits include Frustrated Monster in Storypod's Emotional Learning Monsters: Excited Monster,
Ellie (His Name is Chad) and Maya (Optimal Performance) in Strong Branch Production's Tales from the Radiator series.

Upcoming work includes Claire Swift in Scantic River Production's upcoming horror musical audio drama Rocking Chair,
and Saddie DeRoso in Shelterwood: A Suburban Gothic.

Wanderer's LamentROGUEMAKER
00:00 / 04:44
Super-casa-nova (Radio)ROGUEMAKER
00:00 / 02:21
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